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Balloons + Art

The basic idea of Balloon Lab is to look for new ways to express passion for balloons.

Balloons become the subject represented, but not necessarily the object with which they can express themselves.

Through different expressive arts it is possible to convey the emotion that lies within balloons. As well as through their forms.

Keeping to this philosophy, I wanted to create three graphic designs that represent the everyday for many „sculptors” of air through the most common forms, even known by those who are not strictly part of the community of balloon artists.

Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog click here for more details!

Celebrated by great artists and designers from all around the world, this figure - made out of a tubular balloon - is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable modern icons.

Edition strictly limited to 101 prints.
Size: 32 x 40 cm. (12,3/4 x 15,3/4 inch).
Material: Tecco Fine Art Rag - 295gr.
Medium: Digital Art

Sold signed and numbered
- unframed
- with certificate of authenticity

Buy the picture here

sofa decoration

Balloon in the Sky

Balloon in the Sky click here for more details!

If men can not fly, because he has no wings, then it is equally true that emotions, dreams and hopes can be released in the sky at any time.

Edition strictly limited to 101 prints.
Size: 22 x 40 cm. (8,3/4 x 15,3/4 inch).
Material: Tecco Fine Art Rag - 295gr.
Medium: Digital Art

Sold signed and numbered
- unframed
- with certificate of authenticity

Buy the picture here

table decoration

Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower click here for more details!

A flower can mean many things. A flower made out of balloons symbolizes the freedom of expression and the creativity of many street artists who are ready to give a smile at all times to those who are willing to accept it.

Edition strictly limited to 101 prints.
Size: 40 x 24 cm. (15,3/4 x 9,3/4 inch).
Material: Tecco Fine Art Rag - 295gr.
Medium: Digital Art

Sold signed and numbered
- unframed
- with certificate of authenticity

Buy the picture here

self decoration

Dear Friend,

Sometimes it happens that curiosity becomes an interest, interest becomes a passion, passion becomes a job and job becomes a great opportunity to learn a new language, to meet talented persons, to make new friends, to discover that balloons could be a business, not just a hobby, to teach all over the world for Qualatex.

To celebrate my 10th anniversary as a balloon instructor, I decided to bring together the different techniques I have taught around the world and demonstrate them for you on a series of educational DVDs.

It was an ambitious project because I wanted to look at several techniques and focus on various themes which can be used by different types of balloon artists: decorators, twisters and retailers.

I hope you will be interested in buying these DVDs, I think you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed teaching these techniques to classes around the world.

Most important, these products are of a very high quality:

  • The DVDs were filmed in Milan, in front of a white background and with white furniture, giving them very fresh, modern, and minimalist look.
  • The menu is easy to navigate: you can play the whole DVD, or choose individual chapters, and there is additional content and extras as well.
  • Alberto speaks in an „Italian-English” style, which is easy to understand, even for people in non-English speaking countries.
  • The DVD’s running times are longer than the usual running times for these kind of DVDs, so they provide excellent value for money to the customer.
  • Each DVD contains more than 12 step-by-step designs, shot from two camera-angles (from above, an in front), so it is easy to see and understand, what Alberto is doing, and learn how to do it yourself.
  • You can find addional ideas and material lists on the website for FREE.
  • For the packaging we created a six-page-digipack cover made only of paper, so it is more environmental friendly and the quality is better than the cheap plastic DVD cases, that are normally used. Our aim is to be green, like our balloons :)
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Customers Testimonies


Hello Alberto,

Thanks again for the Amazing Stuff DVD. Attached is my rendition of the crazy clown. I'm glad you added this to the materials list. It helps when trying to make the creations that are not on the DVD.


Best Regards,Malicia Christian
Airwaves Balloon Decor

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